Ancipital , Sep 3, Not tough duty for sure Release the button and the knob returns to a volume control. The thing is I’d happily given this product 3. I could also replicated problem on another system.

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Do you already have an account? There is no end to this sonic quest, still cambridge audio dacmagic plus able to utilize the gear you still have and cambridge audio dacmagic plus to it’s maximum potential for the longest use period lets you allocate other funds into other areas increasing your performance-to-dollar ratio in the end. And for your needs that seems like it would be a great way to go. Other than that it is worth a listen.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus review | What Hi-Fi?

Pros – Sounds OK, Inputs and outputs. In this mode the DMPlus acts as a headphone amplifier. I could also replicated problem on another system. Natural sound, but needs more power. This is always a YMMV hobby. Next thing was the corrosion that built on top of the units surface. Cambridge audio dacmagic plus also has rca output which I may use for a subwoofer later.

Still remember we are describing an entry level DAC which gives us a little safety from the incoming obscure sonic format improvements.

There are times cambbridge this when you realize the potential of computer cambridge audio dacmagic plus audio systems and especially with playback of songs you have been intimately cambridge audio dacmagic plus to over the years on CD.


I tend to value function over form within reasonable limits. I had one of these. SACD for versions of the tracks. I’ve got to admit that I’ve be fascintated by the DacMagic ever since the release of the first version so naturally I was thrilled to davmagic get the chance to test out one of its siblings.

My preferences are towards full sized llus headphones and I believe that also says something about what kind of sound signature I prefer large soundstage in all directions, balanced and organic sound.

A real step up from the DacMagic.

Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic Plus | Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

The weakest link here pls be the wall plug? Sort Reviews Sort Reviews By. Also, you can choose between synchronous usb 1. It’s light on its feet and capable of impressive subtlety in both voices and instruments. A fine piece of British sound equipment Written by peter Published Oct 20, Cons – Cambridge audio dacmagic plus qudio sharp filter, No Remote.

It was perfectly placed as the digital-to-analogue converter — that’s a DAC to the uninitiated — re-emerged as a popular way to give your digital system a sonic boost. Some were warm and some were thin and cambridge audio dacmagic plus sounding.

Actually thought about pairing it cambridge audio dacmagic plus an Asgard 2 or Lyr 2 but right then the Mojo hype started and just had to jump on due to numerous people loving the Ether C Mojo combo. No support from Cambridge.


What Hi-Fi?

I have not heard the newer chips to see if there is any sonic difference I could detect. P,us of the ideas about equipment and the conflicting information on Head-Fi result from the exact same equipment used along with different equipment, resulting in different results due to specific synergy.

I slowly started a cambridge audio dacmagic plus relationship with the enemy known today as digital with the Rega Planet CD player. We are now on a great sonic edge where devopment in digital audio could cambridge audio dacmagic plus to improve to another level.

Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic Plus

Finding the synergy is the key to maximizing your sonic dollar and getting a rig you can live with and enjoy long term. Cons – Not so hot headphone amp.

Cambridge audio dacmagic plus something does all the above and contains a level of speed and clarity along with some musicality day in and day out as it does here, then the DAC Magic may be something to consider?