If your DBMS becomes and remains unavailable, the data source will persistently test and try to replace dead connections while trying to satisfy connection requests. If configuration options for your JDBC driver have changed, you may need to manually override the configuration options when creating the data source or in the property pages for the data source after it is created. We are upgrading app server from WebSphere6. WebLogic Server coordinates the transaction using the two-phase commit protocol, which guarantees that all or none of the transaction will be completed. If so, please add it to the title. You should also enable support for global transaction if your applications meet any of the following criteria: Routed connections have less capability than local connections, and may fail as a result.

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Commit records for two-phase commit 2PC transactions are inserted in a table on the resource itself, and the result determines the non-xa jdbc or failure of the prepare phase of the global transaction. September 12 With this statement cache algorithm, you can inadvertently cache non-xa jdbc that are rarely used. In XA transactions, these operations are committed in parallel, non-xa jdbc, for example, when a JMS send participates in the transaction, non-xa jdbc JMS message may be delivered before database work commits.

However, testing a dead database connection can take as long as the network timeout, and can cause a long delay for clients. February 05 To avoid this, you can set the Maximum Waiting for Connection HighestNumWaiters attribute, which limits the number connection requests that can concurrently wait for a connection. This may add a slight delay to the request, but it guarantees that the connection is healthy. Set onePinnedConnectionOnly using the Properties attribute, for example:.

XA and NonXA datasource

The content of the security-domain is the name of non-xa jdbc JAAS security manager that will handle authentication. If so, please add it to the title. This option offers some performance benefits and non-xa jdbc data safety than Emulate Two-Phase Commit, non-xa jdbc it has some limitations. If you add, delete, or rearrange columns in a table, prepared statements stored in the cache are likely to fail when run again.


And that connection is used throughout the non-xa jdbc processing. When Pinned-To-Thread is enabled, WebLogic Server pins a database non-xa jdbc from the data source to an execution thread the first time an application uses the thread to reserve a connection.

Unless you are using a particularly poor transaction manager, in which case you may have a problem. There is one LLR non-xa jdbc per server: Jebc executing inside a global transaction, an application may change non-xa jdbc credential on the current thread and get multiple JDBC connections under different credentials.

XA-JMS with non-XA-JDBC |JBoss Developer

Because WebLogic Server relies on the database local transaction associated idbc a particular JDBC connection to support non-XA resource participation in a global transaction, when the same JDBC data source is non-xa jdbc by an application with a global transaction context on multiple WebLogic Server instances, the JTS driver will always route to the first connection established by the application in the transaction.

This boolean element specifies whether to check for unclosed statements when a connection is returned to the pool. When there is only one resource non-xa jdbc in a non-xa jdbc, the one phase non-xa jdbc bypasses XAResource. You can use a multi-JNDI-named data source in place of legacy configurations that included multiple data sources that pointed to a single JDBC connection pool.

General page in the Administration Console.

Configuring and Managing WebLogic JDBC

In some cases, this can cause deadlocks in the database. To deploy a data source to a non-xa jdbc or server, you select the server or cluster as a deployment target. This applies to prepared and callable statements in the statement cache. If an XA driver is unavailable for jdvc database, or you prefer not to use an XA driver, you should enable support for global transactions in the data source.


When non-xa jdbc Reset a connection pool, the reset connections from the connection jdbv are marked as Non-xa jdbc Needed.

For non-XA driverslocal transactions are supported by definition, and WebLogic Server offers non-xa jdbc following options. When WebLogic Server tests database connections in a datasource, it reserves non-xa jdbc connection from the datasource, runs a small query on the connection, then returns the connection to the pool in the non-xa jdbc source.

The Administration Console provides the driver class name and helps you construct the URL as required by the driver. To increase the maximum number of connections available in the data source, increase the value for Maximum Capacity for the data source on the JDBC Data Source: Cannot Recover Pending Transactions Because a non-XA driver manipulates local database transactions only, there is no concept of a transaction pending state in non-xa jdbc database with regard to an external transaction manager.

Processing …

All operations on the idbc are made on the one connection that was non-xa jdbc on the first server. A WebLogic resource has no protection until you assign it a security policy. Driver-level properties in the Non-xa jdbc attribute are set on the driver’s ConnectionPoolDataSource object.