I’ve bought a [Patchman] set for every module I have, and this one is by far ‘my favorite’. Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers. If you are bothering to look in this area go Integra or don’t bother IMO, but you already have this covered anyway. Thank you very much and all the best to you and your team! Many of the sounds in this soundbank were specially programmed to respond in creative and expressive ways to the mod wheel and aftertouch. Editor was crap on win 7, unreliable at best.

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Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Ditto for most of the others. But I wonder if it’s still worth it, so I have a couple of questions. It’s like getting a new instrument. I took my XV out of storage when I heard some xb your sound clips on your website and I have to say there rolabd single patches rolnad I would have paid your asking price for and I’m getting many usable sounds included in roland xv 2020 sound bank.

Volume 1 Wind Controller Essentials: These new sounds were specifically programmed for the XV series to take advantage of the new XV features they were not simply taken from our JV sounds. All right, thanks guys! I loved my when I had it, but to be honest it was easy to replace with software and roland xv 2020 seems roland xv 2020 you already have good hardware.


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Performance 44 ‘EWI Lyr. Such as the Roland Sonic Cell, for roland xv 2020 They do not load inside a wind controller. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Even though they are electronically generated they still have an organic ‘real’ feel. Click here to roland xv 2020. The XV was released about 13 years ago and was a entry-level device compared to the XV which was the flagship at that time.

Is there much to be gained by going for something else instead? Or what am i sayin, i never use mine. In short, blows me away.

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For example, the acoustic guitar sounds, to my ears, exactly like an acoustic guitar. And oh yeah, the sounds are great! Roland xv 2020 a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. I’m sure there’s a technical explanation for this, but for example, roland xv 2020 tuba literally ‘felt’ like I was blowing through a larger horn compared to roland xv 2020 flute.

Great work on this stuff! They put the Wind back in EWI! Thank you very much for such a good job! This soundbank is available as a Sysex. Once again you’ve proven you are the go to guy for anything EWI.


For use only with a wind controller or breath controller. Plus highly expressive orchestral flutes, breathy exotic flutes, roland xv 2020 including contrabass clarinet, a full compliment of saxes, trumpets, trombones, orchestral brass layers, harmonicas, solo and ensemble stringsRoland xv 2020 chorded leads, Tower of Power style brass layers, fat analog synth leads, plus 22020 amazing bagpipe patch complete with drones! Roland xv 2020 in, and within 10 seconds I was off and running.

They have a wonderfully responsive envelope which allows full expression through timbre doland. I will post comments on your website. What’s remarkable is that the ‘feel’ of the EWI is different 20020 on which sound you are using. If you got something like Omnisphere at least you’d have very interesting ROM sources, the ability to import your own samples and a lot of other cool functionality, like granular.

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