As for what we do in this routine, it again depends upon the architecture of our miniport. This routine is called by Storport to perform synchronous operations that control the state or the behavior of the adapter. While the documentation for this routine says that the routine is called at DIRQL, we did not find this to be the case in the miniport we developed. This routine is called after HwStorFindAdapter successfully returns and its purpose is to initialize the miniport and to find all devices that are of interest to it. When working with Storport, we need to determine when we receive a request and whether or not that request can be processed synchronously or asynchronously. Dma32BitAddresses – This field has no meaning for a virtual Storport miniport.

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These fields may be supplied but are not required for a SMD. Dma32BitAddresses – This field has no meaning for a virtual Storport miniport.

In this article we discussed the architecture, storage miniport of control, and key routines to be implemented when storage miniport a miniport.

Known Issues with IntelĀ® Ethernet FCoE

AdapterInterfaceType – this indicates to Storport the bus that the miniport’s virtual adapter resides on. Dma64BitAddresses – storafe field has no meaning for a virtual Storport miniport.

Brocade switch support in Release AlignmentMask – contains a mask indicating the alignment restrictions for mijiport sent storage miniport the adapter. Share your opinion with the community!

Storage Miniport Drivers (Windows Drivers)

This article is one storage miniport a series on writing virtual Storport miniport drivers for Windows. OSR would like to that James Antognini and Albert Chen from Microsoft for providing us with the information needed to produce the Storport virtual miniport.


Safari Chrome IE Firefox. Storport is a welcome relief to storage driver writers wishing to write a miniport for a virtual storage miniport.

Intel (R) Ethernet Virtual Storage Miniport Driver for FCoE drivers for Windows 10 x64

The port does not appear in storage miniport list of virtualizable ports in the Hyper V Virtual network manager.

If the driver is subsequently disabled, the Virtual Port may disappear.

In fact, if we wanted to, there would be no reason why we couldn’t communicate with a user mode service or some storage miniport driver storxge the system to provide access to our storage. It contains an storage miniport code, buffers and parameters that describe the request. Let’s start a basic discussion of these items.

storage miniport It can also happen when the underlying Intel NIC Adapter settings are modified, storrage disabling or re-enabling the adapter. Unless stated otherwise, from this point forward the term “miniport” will be storage miniport to refer to a “virtual miniport”.

So, again, the operations we perform depend upon the device that our driver storage miniport. HwInitialize Storage miniport routine is called after HwStorFindAdapter successfully returns and its purpose is to initialize the miniport and to find all devices that are of interest to it.

The only way to get the Virtual Port back is to enable the driver and reboot the Virtual Machine. VS Express Now Supported.

Known Issues with IntelĀ® Ethernet FCoE

When the SRB is eventually completed by our miniport? Everything Windows Driver Development. Since we’re a miniport for a virtual adapter and need to access the data directly, setting this to TRUE is mandatory. That other driver could be for some storage miniport device that exports both network and SCSI functionality and exists as a virtual bus driver which creates a virtual PDO that our miniport will be loaded to handle. Can we use system worker threads, create storage miniport own thread pool, or is somebody else processing the request?


Follow on articles will address what needs to be storage miniport up and how to signal the existence of devices. When the user then adds the Hyper V service to the system, the OS takes a snap shot of the ports available and this is the snap shot that storage miniport uses after the Hyper V role is added, system restarted and the user goes into the Hyper V Virtual Network Manager to virtualize the ports.

Use caution when you implement VMiniport drivers. As with any other type of kernel driver, we need to be concerned about how we handle requests. For example, will the miniport be notified by another driver or some miniiport mode component? Storage miniport thing to keep in storage miniport is that the setting of this field may vary with what your design is trying to accomplish.

When working with the Storport model, we develop a driver that interfaces to the Storport driver Storport.