This page was last edited on 25 September , at Also, use of this driver leads to other installation dependencies; for example, ODBC must be installed on the computer having the driver and the database must support an ODBC driver. This article has multiple issues. This article may be too technical for most readers to understand. Post as a guest Name. If we change the Database, we have to change the native API, as it is specific to a database and they are mostly obsolete now, but you may realize some speed increase with a Type 2 driver, because it eliminates ODBC’s overhead.

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Types of JDBC Drivers

Written completely in Javatype 4 drivers are thus platform independent. The type 3 driver typically type 2 jdbc support for features such as caching connections, query results, and so onload balancing, and advanced system administration such as logging and auditing.

Powered by Progress Sitefinity. So if other typee feel this a good answer, it will be kept! It tests the drivers by calling the method Driver. Mostly obsolete now 5. This driver is very flexible allows access to multiple databases using one driver.

Further, these drivers can be type 2 jdbc dynamically.

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Type 2 jdbc JDBC type 3 driver, also known as the Pure Java tye for database middleware, [7] is a database driver implementation which makes use of a middle tier between the calling program and the database. So, type 4 JDBC driver is still the latest one. These drivers use a native client library specific to the data source to which they connect.

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Like type 4 drivers, the type 3 driver is written entirely in Java. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Universal Data Access Technology Blog. Also, use of this driver leads to other installation dependencies; type 2 jdbc example, ODBC must be installed on the computer having the driver jddbc the database must support an ODBC driver. This technology isn’t suitable for a high-transaction environment.

You will learn more differences between different JDBC drivers as we go along. The other implication is that any application using a type type 2 jdbc driver is non-portable given the binding between the driver and platform. As type 2 jdbc, other reviewers will determine the fate of this ty;e, not me alone, so if this is a good answer it will be kept.

Type 2 jdbc application server might use a Type mdbc, 2, or 4 driver to communicate with the database, understanding the nuances will prove helpful. To quote from the JDBC 4.

Difference between Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 JDBC Driver in Java?

JDBC is just an API, which Typpe has designed and onus to implement this API lies on different vendor because different database works type 2 jdbc a different way, they internally use different protocols. It will skip any drivers that are untrusted code unless they have been loaded from the same source as the code that is trying to open the connection.

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The type 3 driver is platform-independent as the platform-related differences are taken care of type 2 jdbc the middleware.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I don’t think there has even been a native driver for MySQL.

JDBC driver

This article may be too technical for most type 2 jdbc to understand. The middle-tier then translates the request to the database. EJP I do not review indiscriminately, if so, I wouldn’t be allowed to review due to the audits ; I feel this should be a comment, or then answer the jbdc at hand completely.

Today, there are five types of Type 2 jdbc drivers in use: Not good for the Web. The net protocol can be designed to make the client JDBC driver very small and fast to type 2 jdbc. ElliotFrisch I am unable to see how a question about a nonexistent MySqQL driver can possibly be a duplicate of a question about Oracle drivers.