Installing 4G Network Manager. We will find out next and compare it against its mobile internet rivals. He took 30mins to tell me if my area is under coverage and had to keep checking with someone else before answering any questions! Well, I do not really agree with the statement on tight spot fitting as it takes about 1. Eric U’re Absolutely right, I am pretty impressive with the speed performance but let see when it’s get more subscriber at that time! Check out more Yes videos below:. Its create a bad image for a newly built ISP.

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Be careful not to spill the solder to the next pad or short circuit will occur!

Back to Step 1 again, Once the back cover is out, you’re gonna be happy as you do not need to work out the front cover. A bit of strength will send dlngle port slid out of its holding places. Thanks for your complete review on YES yes 4g dongle as well.

The soldering will test your patience as the connector pad is minute for hand soldering. Domgle, yes we did actually. Many yes 4g dongle on the market now carries only the “power” lines of the USB, which is songle 2 wire as opposed to traditional or “real” USB cables which are supposed to be 4 wires. Willard I can’t factually substantiate this, but when I enquired about the Huddle, the seemingly knowledgeable YES sale supervisor not the flagship was frank and honest to me by saying that the Huddle is showing poor performance in receptivity.


Do you think I yes 4g dongle solve my Dongle problem using your method as well?

Parts of My Life YES Go USB Dongle Repair and Refurbished!

Watch out for a post on this tonight. You may check the updated post. If you’re getting it from printer, harddisk, mouse, keyboard, mobile phone cables, etc which carries data rather than “power” only, you’re good to go.

If you’re experiencing this problem where you had plugged in your dongle and red light yes 4g dongle on, and 1 “Connect” says ys can’t detect your Go. This is caused by the twisting and flexing of the internal connecting ribbons whenever you decided to change the angle of the dongle, or rather just “unpacking” the USB side to plug in yes 4g dongle dongle. Finally you’ll make a small “U-Turn” with the wire around the dongle.

The connection keeps disconnected, speed flunctuates. A masterclass in budget phone-making. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 review: Ashraf Thanks for the review.

Always happy to help out. Okays now just reverse back the process.

Keep the solder paste on connector pads only! Step 2 will require you to remove the soldering connections of the ribbon of the circuit board.


Load balancing of few web server should easily solved this issue. Maxis performance at our location is appalling delivering dial-up speeds. About Us Contribute Advertising. Once this stablises, it will be very hard to beat. Details for wire length and reception: Thank you yes 4g dongle your reply.

Next, we tested video streaming on youtube and that delivers smooth yes 4g dongle free of any buffering even when we bumped up the video to p.

Yes 4g Dongle – Almost anything for sale in Malaysia –

Newer Post Older Post Home. Shouldn’t they be anticipating yes 4g dongle Do pull in the wires a bit 4b as the picture below, you’ll appreciate it for yes 4g dongle soldering later. Yes Internet experience Unfortunately our initial test location Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras had very little coverage with the Network Manager showing between 1 — 2 bars in signal strength. Obviously not everyone have solder to DIY. I have learned it the hard way as cables that are too long will affect the reception signals!